Rifle & Pistol Range

Caswell Ranch offer 100’ & 175’ Rifle Range, 5 Pistol Bays, 4 w/cover, 1 w/STEEL. Range is in a great country setting with easy access for Burlington, Mebane, Hillsborough, Durham in NC and Danville VA. The two story Red Dutch Barn “Welcome Center” offers a Class and Conference room for Training and Business meetings.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Saturday 10AM to Dusk; Sunday 12PM-Dusk

Range Membership

  • Includes spouse and children under 18 years of age.
  • Renewals just $150
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Range Rules

1) All shooters & visitors must check in & out at office.

2) All shooters & visitors going onto the range must sign our liability waiver.

3) All shooters & spectators must wear safety glasses and ear protection while on the range.

4) All shooters and spectators will have a safety orientation. Membership will be revoked after three safety violation warning.

5) No shooting before 10AM, No shooting on Sunday before 12PM. No shooting after dark, range closes at dusk at the discretion of the owners.

6) NO drugs or alcoholic beverages allowed on any shooting course or field prior to or during a shooting session or when handling a firearm, this includes prescription drugs that may impair a shooter’s judgment.

7) While waiting your turn to shoot, be certain that your position is safely behind the shooter, clear of their field of vision.

8) This is a cold range. The only time a weapon will be loaded is when the shooter is actually on the line preparing to shoot. At all other time the gun will be unloaded and placed in a bagrackholster or unloaded and carried with the action open. NO EXCEPTIONS.

9) Children 18 or younger must be under constant & close supervision by adults at all times. Siblings 19 or older must have a membership.

10) Not allowed to use as targets: Walls, Barrels, Milk Jugs, Keyboards, TVs, Cans, Plastic Bottles, or any range prop…ETC, ONLY paper or cardboard targets.